TED Talks Now On iTunes U

TED on iTunes U

Oh look: talks from smart ideas conference TED have arrived on iTunes U.

There are six themed courses covering things like Visual Arts, Climate Change, and Creative Problem Solving. Each one comprises a number of different TED talks that you can watch for free.

Of course, all TED talks are already free to watch on the web, but it’s nice to see them curated and distributed like this via iTunes U.

Speaking of which: iTunes U itself is, in my opinion, one of Apple’s most impressive offerings. Since becoming a separate app on iOS devices after recent software updates, it’s been taking a more prominent place on my iPad, where I get a lot of enjoyment out of watching or listening to lectures when I have free moments.

The scale of what’s on offer via iTunes U is staggering, and the fact that everything on it is free is testament, I believe, to Apple’s long-term institutional belief in the value of education.

The TED channel has only just begun and there’s much more to come. I’m looking forward to it.

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