Google Privacy: Tracking-Free Search & Browsing Experience [Firefox]

Do you wish to opt-out of online tracking? Harvesting browsing information and cataloging a user’s preferences is something certain websites have been doing for quite a while now, in order to deliver ‘a more personal web experience’. While that may be so, cautious surfers on the internet have always been troubled by an anonymous party saving and analyzing their data. Mozilla’s Firefox browser comes bundled with a ‘Do-Not-Track‘ privacy setting, but Google and other search engines seem to override it and continually track online searches and other activities. Google Privacy Firefox add-on shows tracking-free links or can replace the tracked links, supporting Google, Yahoo and Bing, for now.

Once the add-on is installed, you can change its settings by accessing the Google Privacy preferences. If you do not want this add-on to act on your websites, uncheck Privacy active. Doing so will uncheck all other options below it, as well. You can have Privacy active while you are logged in, choose to Replace original links and also make original links visible (the latter two options are interlinked). Modified links can be marked and their descriptions shown from within preferences.


With Google Privacy active, your search results will be shown identifying untracked and tracked links, making for a securer browsing experience.


While very basic at its core, Google Privacy Firefox add-on aims to fill a gap that search engines continually take advantage of, and that is not in your control to opt out of.

Install Google Privacy Add-On Firefox

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