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Watch Out, Flipboard, Trapit for iPad Raises The Stakes For Newsreader Apps [iOS Tips]

This might well be the future of news content consumption.

Finding stuff on the web is pretty easy. Finding stuff you don’t already know about, surprising stuff, is hard. That’s what the developers behind Trapit are trying to fix.

Trapit for iPad allows you to discover things you’re already interested in as well as stuff you may not even know you’re looking for using algorithms that run in the app behind the scenes. What that means is that once you start using Trapit, it will learn what you’re into, and start finding stuff that might be of interest to you, based on what you’re already checking out as well as new stuff that might be cool for you to see.

The app also curates its own content into a Featured Traps section, which will help you discover even more content for that surprise factor.

Download Trapit for iPad for free, and then launch it with a tap. You’ll be asked to enter some general interest terms, and then you’ll go to the My Traps section. Tap along the top row of buttons to see your personalized Traps, Featured ones, and then the Reading list. In addition to its own “save for later reading” system, Trapit offers the option to send stuff to Instapaper and Evernote.

Tap on a story to highlight it and the associated photo will zoom in. Tap the share button to send to Facebook, Twitter, or email, and tap the little book + icon to save to read later. When browsing subjects in the features section, tap the + symbol to send the topic to your personalized feed.

As you can see, Trapit for iPad does two things well: creates a personal news feed for your own interests, and then allows you to discover new stuff you didn’t even know you wanted to read about. It’s win/win.

From the App Store Description:

Escape with Trapit and hone in on only the subjects that matter to you. Keep up with the topics that don’t always make the headlines, or even the ones that do. Discover new bloggers, online magazines, newspaper features and more among Trapit’s over 100,000 (and growing) hand-picked sources.. Use Trapit to explore and discover, because really, that’s what the Internet was made for.

Got an iOS tip of your own? Need help troubleshooting your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad? (sorry, you need Javascript to see this e-mail address) or leave a comment below.

Source: App Store

from Cult of Mac http://www.cultofmac.com/186156/watch-out-flipboard-trapit-for-ipad-raises-the-stakes-for-newsreader-apps-ios-tips/

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You Won’t Believe How Much Crazy Science & Microscopic Tech Is Crammed Into Your iPhone’s Accelerometer [Video]

Your iPhone’s accelerometer only costs sixty-five cents, but it’s packed with cool tech.

Have you ever wondered how your iPhone knows up from down, or when you’re shaking it? It’s all because of the tiny accelerometer chip inside the device, but how does it work? It’s not like the iPhone’s got a metal ball bearing rolling between two points in there, so what gives?

As it turns out, there’s actually a lot of crazy cool tech in there.

Surprisingly, the way an accelerometer works is actually not that different from the ball bearing example above, as Bill Hammack the the Engineer Guy explains. It’s just a lot smaller scale.

Essentially, in every accelerometer, you have these extremely, springs made out of silicon, which oscillate back and forth between contact points. When they move according to the force of gravity, those contact points can measure the charge, and figure out which way the iPhone is pointing and how it’s moving.

These springs are tiny. So tiny that they’re about the size of a pencil tip. So how do you build a spring that small? That’s an even more fascinating story, involving tiny wafers of silicon covered in an interlacing series of masks which are impervious to a corrosive bath of potassium hydroxide.

That’s a lot of crazy super science packed into an iPhone chip that is estimated to only cost Apple sixty five cents.

Source: YouTube
Image: Chipworks

from Cult of Mac http://www.cultofmac.com/168772/you-wont-believe-how-much-crazy-science-microscopic-tech-is-crammed-into-your-iphones-accelerometer-video/

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Big Surprise – Paper Textbooks Likely To Be Cheaper Than IPads For a Long Time [Infographic]

Earlier this year Apple announced their plan to help revitalize the American Education System by putting digital textbooks on iPads into the hands of high school students. Apple’s belief is that learning on an iPad is a far superior experience to lugging around printed books that aren’t interactive. We compappletely agree that interactive learning is the road America needs to take, but getting there is going to be a huge problem. A recent study shows that using paper textbooks in schools is a lot cheaper than iPads, and that’s not likely to change unless Apple takes some drastic steps to reduce cost.

Using paper textbooks in the average high school class currently costs about $180,000 but switching to iPads would cost $430,000. Many proponents of using the iPad in the classroom say that the iPad is more cost effective in the long run because the tablet doesn’t need to be replaced as often. But with the average lifespan of a textbook being about 5 years, it looks like schools may need to replace iPads just as often as they replace their paper books.

What if schools stopped spending money on computers and just bought iPads, wouldn’t that work? Nope, not even close. Schools spent $2 billion on computers last year, which is only enough to supply 10% of students with iPads. Combine the problems of our nation’s massive deficit, the current price of the iPad, and the rate of school spending on technology, and we see that it might take 10 years for schools across the country to adopt iPads if spending stays the same. That’s if they decide to go with the expensive route in the first place.

Here’s a handy infographic on why using paper textbooks are so much cheaper than using iPads.

[Online Teaching Degree via FastCoDesign]

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The iPad’s Split Keyboard In iOS 5 Has 6 Invisible Keys Which You Don’t Know About

Apple introduced an interesting interesting feature to the software keyboard on the iPad with iOS 5, and it’s one that some had been crying out for, and others loved without even knowing they wanted it.

The split keyboard, for use when the iPad is in the portrait mode, makes it easier to type on the device with just two thumbs by splitting the keyboard into two and pulling the halves to the sides of the screen. It’s great for using when you don’t want to use the iPad in landscape and want to type with your thumbs a little more easily.

While that’s all fine and dandy, it turns out that the split keyboard actually has another trick up its sleeve, and it’s a doozy!

See, people type in a few different ways, and to some the split keyboard actually splits in the wrong place, making it uncomfortable to hit certain letters.

Users may, for example, wish to tap the ‘T’ button with their right thumb, rather than the left as Apple expects them to. They can do that now, but they need to reach right over to the opposite side of the screen to do it. It’s a great idea to chew on, and it’s actually rather cumbersome, too. But it’s OK. Apple’s got your back.


Now it’s been discovered that the iPad actually has six phantom buttons allowing users to tap the opposite side of the screen to where the T,G,V and Y,G,B buttons are and still have them registered by the keyboard. Tap just next to the letter ‘Y’ and you’ll be given a letter ‘T.’ Pretty cool, right?

It might not seem like much, but it can really help speed things along if you tend to type this way on a hardware keyboard.

Go ahead, give it a try yourself. You can split the iPad’s keyboard in two by either tapping and holding on the ‘toggle keyboard’ button on the lower-right, or simply pulling the keyboard apart at the middle. We prefer the latter method, if only because it makes us feel a bit special.

Yes, we’re easily pleased!

(via TNW) (source FinerThings)

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Create a custom iPhone, iPad or iPod touch case from Zazzle [updated]

If you had plans to give that special someone an iPhone 4S for Christmas, you may be out of luck; retailers are out of stock, and Apple’s online store is estimating shipments within one to two weeks. So, why not take advantage of this opportunity to get a custom case made in the meanwhile? They make great personalized gifts, and even if the recipient will have or already has an iPhone 4S, they’re worth the wait.

There are numerous manufacturers who offer custom cases, but for this article we’ll focus on Zazzle. They offer multiple case designs for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S and BlackBerry. For this article, I’m going to focus on the iPhone 4S.

To begin the process, go to zazzle.com and pick your case. I went with the Case-Mate Barely There iPhone 4/4S case, as it’s generally well reviewed. Regardless of your election, the next step is simply click the Create A Case button.

Zazzle Case-Mate custom iPhone 4S case

This is where you select your image. Zazzle support JPEG, PNG, PDF and Adobe Illustrator (AI) formats, so feel free to be as creative as you like, here. It doesn’t have to be a photo, after all. I went with a full size image out of iPhoto (taken with an iPhone 4). The image isn’t the best, but even at this relatively small file size, the update did take a while.

If you like, you can add text. I didn’t.

Once the image is in place, you can use the onscreen tools to adjust the size and reposition the image. This is important, because chances are good that your image isn’t properly laid out for the measurements of the iPhone. You can expand, shrink, slide, rotate, etc. to get a good fit, but you’ll want to use the online tools to make sure you haven’t pulled your image inside the safe zone or cut your subject with the camera opening or edge wrapping.

Zazzle Case-Mate custom iPhone 4S case

Once you’re happy with the look, add your item to the cart, then proceed to checkout.

Zazzle asks for buyers to allow 3 to 7 business days for Case-Mate processing, so you can’t expect it by Christmas or the end of Hanukkah. But a new case is a great way to begin the new year, or perhaps you have a family gathering that trails the holiday. And as I mentioned, “Your other gift is still being made” is kind of acceptable when it’s something this cool. You may even want to wait until the recipient receives the iPhone, then sit down together to create the case. If you want to make it nice and official, you can always go with a gift certificate.

[Update: January 24, 2012]

In late December, the case arrived. Here is the final product:

Casemate Custom iPhone 4/4S Case

Although it’s a bit more saturated than in the image I uploaded to Zazzle, it’s also not as bad as it appears in this image, especially in the reds. The alignment is pretty good, but that opening for the camera and flash is just out of control. I can see how a hole that big could have hurt some images, but it’s not a problem here. Overall, it’s a pretty impressive product.

from AppleTell http://www.technologytell.com/apple/81545/design-a-custom-idevice-case-by-christmas/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+appletell+Appletell

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Transfer Files From iPhone, iPad, iPod touch To PC Or Mac Effortlessly Without Using iTunes

As anybody familiar with Apple products will know, music video (and pretty much everything else) is centered around the iTunes app, and if the Cupertino company had it their way, that’s how it would stay.

The problem is though, it’s pretty much one way traffic, and although everything syncs smoothly in true Apple style, transferring content from an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch onto a PC or Mac is not quite as simple.

In the overbearing vigilance against copyright infringement, what used to be a simple trip to My Computer or Finder can often turn into war and peace. Since the DRM was scrapped on the fruit company’s digital content in favor of vaguely traceable information on the downloader, it’s become a lot harder to extract certain files sitting on our devices.

This assumption that everybody’s a pirate has helped third party applications which facilitate full device browsing and back and forth transfer.

DiskAid is a prime example of how things should be done, enabling just about any file to quite effortlessly be moved onto a PC or Mac for safekeeping. The app has just been updated to version 5, and brings with it a few key new features making iDevice management easier than ever.


The free version of DiskAid allows users to transfer unlimited files from iOS to OS X or Windows, as well as explore the innards of Apple’s mobile operating system.

The paid version, as you’d expect, steps it up a notch, allowing the transfer and backup of  SMS text messages, call history log, voicemail, voice memos, notes, contacts list, music, videos, and podcasts. Whilst it could be argued that iTunes backs everything up in a rather simple manner, this method allows you to pick and choose which to keep and which you’d like to discard – giving you more freedom and general control.


Despite allowing capacities of up to 64GB of memory, iDevices cannot natively used as mass storage devices – once again akin to the paranoid mindset that users will steal and distribute paid media. DiskAid makes that space accessible to drag and drop any file of your choosing – the perfect excuse to ditch the rather exaggerated USB dongle.

The full version costs $24.90, which is very reasonable for quite simply the best all-round iPhone, iPad and iPod touch file transfer utility.

Grab it now from the DigiDNA website!

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(via iClarified)

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The iPad’s Helpful Ears

I often listen to music on my iPad, but I forget that the iPad can listen as well. I discovered this recently when my brother-in-law recommended a TV show called “From the Edge with Peter Lik.”

The show is about Lik, an accomplished landscape photographer, and how he gets his amazing shots. To be honest, it’s less about the particulars of photography and almost entirely focused on how the adventuresome Australian goes out to scenic locations and, sometimes, the difficulties he runs into, such as waiting all night in freezing Arctic weather for auroras that never appear. (Also, no disservice to Lik, but the real star of the show is the breathtaking video his crew produces of each location.) It’s fun, and makes you want to explore beautiful remote areas of the world.

Watching my first episode, I noticed that a free companion iPad app was available, offering the photos that Lik ends up with, behind the scenes material, and the like. Being a photographer, I couldn’t resist downloading it.

What I didn’t expect is that the app is meant to be used while you watch the show. And it does so in a novel way: Using the iPad’s microphone, the app listens for the show in the room’s audio and synchronizes its content with what’s happening on screen. As you watch, you can flip through images taken from the shoot, and see which one Lik chose as his favorite.

Unfortunately, the app now includes a note that “This app will not be supported after Dec. 31,” suggesting that the show has already been cancelled.

I’m surprised (or perhaps just unaware) that more TV shows or other media don’t take advantage of this technique.

Something similar is IntoNow, a Yahoo app that isn’t restricted to a single show. Like music-discovery apps such as Shazam and SoundHound, IntoNow can identify nearly any television show from its audio. It works whether you’re watching live television or something streamed or stored, such as using Hulu or iTunes.

Tapping a large green button makes IntoNow start listening, and in less than a minute it returns a result if it finds a match. From there you can view related Twitter messages, see who else has watched the show recently, and otherwise connect with people you know who enjoy television. Since I don’t watch much TV, the app is purely a novelty, but the technology is certainly interesting.

In looking for other listener apps, I did find one that sounds interesting, peculiar, and extremely specific: the $1.99 Melon Meter. You place your iOS device on a watermelon with the microphone touching the outside rind, and then rap on the melon. The app allegedly tells you whether the melon is fresh based on the thumping sound. (I admit I didn’t buy and test the app — I was a little worried that the grocery store’s produce department might not appreciate my test

It’s easy to pay attention to an iPad’s large colorful screen, but seeing is just one of our senses that an iOS device can enhance. I don’t look forward to any odor-related apps or accessories, but I do like the fact that the iPad can listen intelligently and improve an experience such as watching TV. If you can recommend other apps that perform similar feats, please share them in this article’s comments on the Web.


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How Do I Get Rid Of The “Other” Data Stored On My iPad Or iPhone? [Ask MacRx]

iPad Other Data

Along with music, movies and photos, many people have some mysterious “other” data on their iDevices, which seems to increase over time. One reader is wondering how to get rid of this data and free up space:

When I look at my iTunes summary of my iPad it shows that there is 2.9GB of “Other” stored on my device. I haven’t put much stuff on my iPad and have no idea what is taking up so much space. I only have a 16GB iPad and like to put movies on it for when I travel, so space is a premium. How do I find out what is taking up so much space, and what is the best way to maximize storage space on my iPad?

Thanks, Kyle

Hi Kyle,

I get asked this question often by my clients, and unfortunately I haven’t found one single answer. Sometimes it may be app data, album art, etc., other times it may be bad storage disk optimization or caches not getting cleared after the system has been in use for a while.

You can usually reclaim the space by making a backup of your iPad, then doing a Restore to the latest version of iOS. After the process completes reload from your backup, and in most cases the “Other” data is gone.

Thanks, it worked like a charm.

• • •

Readers, have any additional suggestions on this topic, or corrections/clarifications on the advice above? If so, please leave your thoughts in the comments.

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RunKeeper’s Latest App Update Will Help Prevent Your Heart From Exploding

RunKeeper’s Latest App Update Will Help Prevent Your Heart From Exploding

When I, through sheer exertion of will, lift this moribund pile of musky flab out of the desk chair to which it transhumanistically is trying to absorb, put on my sweatbands and take myself out for a wheezing, gasping “jog”, RunKeeper is my prefered app for tracking the whole ordeal.

The free app is already pretty great. It uses your iPhone’s GPS sensors to track your running speed, distance and route; additionally, it allows you to program different run templates, calculate calories burned and share your favorite runs with other.

But today’s update makes RunKeeper even better, with a host of new features that widen the distance between all the other jog-tracking apps out there.

The first (and, in my opinion, best) new addition to RunKeeper is auto-pause. On my runs, I have RunKeeper programmed to tell me to run for, say, five minutes, then walk for two, then repeat. If I smack into a red stop light in the middle of my run, or collapse to the ground weeping, or stop for a moment to mash a Butterfinger brand energy bar into my mouth, RunKeeper continues to count down the run timer. No longer! Now, the app will detect through its GPS radio that I’ve stopped, and pause the counter accordingly.

The other new functionality takes advantage of those wireless heart rate monitors that are all the rage with joggers these days. RunKeeper already supported these devices, but now the app displays the heart rate data in real-time, as well as supports targeted heart zone training. Useful if, like me, you like to keep your heart rate needle just south of the “Cardiac Explosion” side of the spectrum.

In addition, RunKeeper’s new update allows you to set a workout countdown timer that will let you cram your iPhone in a pocket before you take off jogging, and some GPS updates that improve accuracy of exercise tracking.

If you’ve got an iPhone, you can grab the new update here.

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Is this the geekiest-freakiest Halloween costume yet?

Is this the geekiest-freakiest Halloween costume yet?

I don’t know about you, but this is one freakily awesome Halloween costume. If you have a pair of iPad 2s lying around, you could put them to work and create an illusion of a huge hole in your torso. How? Dead simple, says one Mark Rober, a NASA employee. Just strap one iPad to your front and the other to your back and start a FaceTime chat between them.

The front iPad will display live video feed recorded by the back camera of the device strapped to your back and vice versa. The effect is totally believable, as if someone shot a hole through your body. Spray a little red paint around cutouts in your T-shirt and paint some gruesome flesh parts and you could easily become the star of this year’s Halloween amongst your geek friends.

via Gizmodo

from 9to5Mac http://9to5mac.com/2011/10/31/is-this-the-geekiest-freakiest-halloween-costume-yet/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+9To5Mac-MacAllDay+%289+to+5+Mac+-+Apple+Intelligence%29

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