Get Some Headspace

Nice introduction to Headspace:


Urinal Dynamics

From the BYU Splash Lab:


 More info here


Nut Metamorphosis!

Some interesting info, especially for the lactose intolerant.

Nuts For Nuts

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My YouTube Favorites

These are some of the YouTube videos I’ve collected as favorites:

“Liked” items:


Trampled Under Foot:



14 Insanely Great Bruce Springsteen Songs You’ve Never Heard:

Tommy Bolin:

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Solar Roadways!

This is a great idea!


Geek vs. Nerd

Which are you?

Geeks vs Nerds


Great Interview from The Verge with Ashton Kutcher

Great interview by Joshua Topolsky.  Ashton is smarter than he’s given credit for (no U of Iowa bias here).

The Interview


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FlippedBITS: Four Password Myths

Are your passwords strong enough to resist an automated attack? If you believe any of several common password myths, they may not be. In this installment of FlippedBITS, Joe Kissell examines a few of the most dangerous myths about password security and explains smarter and safer practices.

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from TidBITS: Apple News for the Rest of Us


Your iPhone Can’t Tell When You’re Too Drunk To Drive, But This iPhone Breathalyzer Can


In my experience, the iPhone already has a built-in alcohol detector. You can tell if you’re too drunk to drive by pulling out your iPhone and seeing if you immediately drop it, shattering it on the floor or dunking it in a seedy bar urinal. Pass the test? You’re ready to drive!

Alcohoot has another method of measuring the same thing. It’s a Breathalyzer that you pair with your iPhone. If you blow into it and you’re abov e the legal limit, it’ll call you a cab.

Alcohoot isn’t out quite yet, but when they launch, they are hoping to launch soon at a $70 price point. Cheaper than breaking your iPhone using the drunk test outlined above.

Via: Macgasm

from Cult of Mac