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How Not to Die In America


Apples Once Unfortunate Investor, Now Multi-Millionaire | ValueWalk

Interesting article about an Apple investor.  Wish I had made some of the same investments!

Apples Once Unfortunate Investor, Now Multi-Millionaire | ValueWalk.

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How Recruiters Use Social Networks to Screen Candidates [INFOGRAPHIC]

How Recruiters Use Social Networks to Screen Candidates [INFOGRAPHIC]

Over the past few years, we’ve seen social media used in the job market in a number of ways — startups, small businesses and large corporations alike are diving into the socialverse to find top talent, and job seekers are likewise getting creative with social media.

Social media monitoring service Reppler recently surveyed more than 300 hiring professionals to determine when and how job recruiters are screening job candidates on different social networks.

The study found that more than 90% of recruiters and hiring managers have visited a potential candidate’s profile on a social network as part of the screening process. And a whopping 69% of recruiters have rejected a candidate based on content found on his or her social networking profiles — an almost equal proportion of recruiters (68%), though, have hired a candidate based on his or her presence on those networks.

Check out the infographic below for more results from the survey, including what details on a candidate’s social profile make recruiters tick.

Social Media Job Listings

Every week we post a list of social media and web job opportunities. While we publish a huge range of job listings, we’ve selected some of the top social media job opportunities from the past two weeks to get you started. Happy hunting!

Infographic courtesy of Reppler

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Stock Up on Peanut Butter Now Before Prices Get Ridiculous [Saving Money]

The time to buy peanut butter is now, friends. The Wall Street Journal reports that prices for Jif, Peter Pan, and other peanut butter jars will be going up as much as 40% starting in a couple of weeks. More »

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