Create “Crazy Text” Emails For Holidays And Christmas [OS X Tips]

You can create “crazy text” emails for holiday greetings using a built-in AppleScript

Christmas is coming, and instead of writing out holiday cards by hand, wouldn’t it be easier to just e-mail them to all your friends and loved ones? But e-mail can be so impersonal, at least without knowing the right trick. Here’s a fun trick that can be used to send entertaining emails to people on special occasions, such as birthdays or during the forthcoming holiday season.

Open a Finder window, hit Shift+Command+G , then type “/Library/Scripts/Mail Scripts/Crazy Message Text.scpt” without the quotes. Double-click the file that’s highlighted in the Finder window. This will open AppleScript Editor, but you can ignore it and simply press the Run button on the AppleScript Editor toolbar. Then follow the prompts in the dialog boxes that appear.

You can quit AppleScript Editor once the email has been created. Be sure to check out the other scripts in the /Library/Scripts/Mail Scripts folder. Although they’re intended primarily to show AppleScript’s potential integration with the Mail app, many are very useful in their own right. You can use each the same way—double-click them and click the Run button in the AppleScript Editor window that appears.

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