Apple’s Tablet

I believe that this product will do more to change the consumer computing landscape than any previously released product.  A big statement, and we’ll see whether this comes to pass tomorrow, but every rumor, insider leak, etc. leads me to believe that this is true.

Think of the tablet as a device that ties together every traditional media device into an always connected (because the ‘cloud’ is where most/all of your media will reside) device that you can carry with you.  Everything the Kindle is but with color and multimedia.  Everything a netbook is but much more functional.  Books, newspapers, magazines, movies, TV, email all in one device – with the underlying power and OS to make it truly usable.

I expect a few surprises tomorrow, but I don’t expect Apple to disappoint.  The company has too much riding on this, and they are too media savvy to have allowed this much speculation to continue without having something spectacular up their collective sleeve.  Conversely, if Apple does fail to deliver something magnificent tomorrow, the backlash may be severe…

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